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The rapidly changing investment environment we live in today is providing the catalyst for the evolution of current thinking and investment practices. The fundamentals that drive our decision making processes and have for many years must be questioned given the current environment and their results over the last decade. In these times of continuing volatility and global interconnectedness it is ever more important to have a strict decision making and capital protection framework in place.In this round table we have a robust discussion into how retirees can produce the required income to support their core lifestyle objectives whilst minimising the level of risk they are exposed to. One the biggest mistakes we have seen in the current climate is retirees chasing returns from investments outside their risk characteristics, primarily driven by the reducing interest rate environment we are in. We will look at alternative ways to build a portfolio that suits individual investor’s needs, rather than the pigeon holing strategic asset allocation approach, and illustrate that the core objectives can be achieve through the appropriate timing of entry into and exit from specific investments.


Building an investment portfolio to meet lifestyle needs

Venues and times

Location Date Venue Register your interest
Melbourne 12th December 2013
Time: 10.00 am / 2.00 pm
Sornem Private Wealth:
Level 1,360 Little Collins Street
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Melbourne – North Eastern TBC TBC Click Here
Brisbane 20th November 2013 (12.45pm)
21st November 2013 (10.00am)
Christie Corporate:
320 Adelaide St, Brisbane
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Sydney 6th February 2014 TBC Click Here
Adelaide 27th February 2014 TBC Click Here
Perth 2nd April 2014 TBC Click Here